Dane started practicing the dance style called poppin in 2007 which a lot of peopleknow as doing the ‘’robot’’ and is still practicinig it today.


A dance created in the 70’s by Don Campbellock Campbell. Dane was one of the few who practiced this dance style in Rotterdam when he started with it. He started practicing locking in 2008 for a few years but then changed his focus.


Dane has a strong foundation in the basics of Hiphop freestyle (old,mid and newschool) and has some bboying basics in his skill set. In 2008Daneis also able to pickup hiphop choreografy.

Housedance :

A versatile dance styles that focusses a lot on footwork. Dane started practicingthis style after locking. Which was also in 2009. This is one of dane’s favoritedance styles to enjoy, party and battle.

Modern dance / Contemporary Dance:

Dane started taking classical ballet and modern classes because he wanted to applyfor one of the best modern dance acadamy’s in the world. Called Codarts. Hetrained one year at a pre educational programme to get the basics down. He got in the school and graduated as professional modern dancer in several moderndance styles from floorwork to graham to countertechnique. With a bachelordegree. 2009-2014

Bollywood/Classical Indian dance:

 Dane is half indian of herritage and was always interested in the indian culture including bollywood movies. Which shows alot of bollywood dance and from time to time classical indian dance. One of Dane’s big examples is Akram Khan. Who combines Kathak and modern dance. Henever actually trained it but got it naturally from his roots and also has astrong sence of style.